of 1000 LUST NFTs minted at 0.00 SOL!

LUST Listing Update - 06/18/2022
Fixed Minting Issue - 06/18/2022

There were some Minting issue due to RPC node, now it’s all fixed and minting is smooth! LUST NFT Mint Link: https://lust.shibemp.com/ 

The Roadmap for Lunatic Skulls Team (LUST) NFTs by Shiba Inu Empire

The LUST NFTs also known as Lunatic Skulls Team NFTs collection is a collection of 1000 unique NFTs on the Solana Blockchain.

The LUST NFTs collection along with any NFTs collection that would be created by Shiba Inu Empire Team in the future will be utilized for boosting the Shiba Inu Empire Token and the NFTs Collection and to cover other expenses.

The Project Team will limit on number of NFTs we mint to below 5%, you can view our Solana Wallet GT5M8vDXr9jbQn5QfG7xfsbaV1W9NtwY8aBY3zU3o1fT

95% (950) of the 1000 NFTs will be made available for public minting. However, in the event if we don’t see too many mints in two weeks from the date where we allowed public minting (June 5, 2022), then we will mint additional NFTs and list them on NFT Markets so that they can be made available for circulation and for airdrops. The difference between LUST NFTs and many others is that we will be using our NFTs collection and the SHIBEMP Token to boost each other!  

DISCLAIMER: Just like Crypto, NFTs prices can fluctuate and can go up or down. The SHIBEMP (Shiba Inu Empire) Team or the LUST (Lunatic Skulls Team) Team will not be responsible for any losses or damages incurred as part of or related to your investment in the SHIBEMP Token or LUST (Lunatic Skulls Team) NFTs or any other future products from SHIBEMP (Shiba Inu Empire) and Team. Crypto market is volatile, please only invest what you can afford to loose (Not financial advise). 

 LUST NFTs Minting Page: https://lust.shibemp.com/

 LUST NFTs Collection on OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/lustnft

 LUST NFTs Discordhttp://discord.gg/7XPxrstzJU 


 Action Items 1

✅ Generate 1000 Unique Images

✅ Launch Minting Page

✅ Add collection to Open Sea

✅ Add collection to Magic Eden

✅ Add collection to Solanart

✅ Add collection to Hyperspace.xyz

✅ Create Discord Channel


 Action Items 2

❌ Air drop free NFTs

❌ Buy back item(s) each week

❌ Promotion on Twitter

❌ Promotion on TikTok


Action Items 3

❌ Add collection to additional Solana Markets

❌ Monthly Competition

❌ Promote Growth with multiple promotions


Action Items 4

❌ Release New NFT Collection to boost growth of LUST NFT Collection