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Contact and Questions

Contact us at and we have outlined some of the frequently asked questions below.

How to add Shiba Inu Empire as custom token?
The Shiba Inu Empire is only available on BSC smart chain

Download trust wallet on iOS or Android device, refer to this link; Trust Wallet

Add Shiba Inu Empire as a custom token after you set up Trust Wallet
Custom Token Fields should be filled as below.

Network: Smart Chain
Contract Address: 0x14AAD57fB5f9A0C9ce136CF93521cBeBE14EC2e6
Decimals: 9

How to buy Shiba Inu Empire token from pancake swap

Once you have downloaded Trust Wallet application on your mobile device, then go to pancake swap and this link will automatically bring up SHIBEMP token to be imported.
Import the token and set leverage to 12%, and try buying with less BNB amount at a time such as 0.01 or 0.1 since the price of SHIBEMP token is low at the time.

Why didn't you lock liquidity?

We tried to lock liquidity at two places and encountered technical issues while attempting to lock liquidity and we couldn't reach the liquidity lock providers in an easy way.
We wish @PancakeSwap provide liquidity lock. The prospect of locking liquidity will be explored after we reach 10000 holders.

We have less than 10,000 holders, maybe locking liquidity gives some people the assurance but we want to make sure it’s safe and can be retrieved safely.
Where can I view the chart and price?

We are currently not listed on any exchanges. However you can visit the following links to view price and other charts

Price: MoonScan
Price and Chart: BoggedFinance
BSC Scan: BSC smart chain

Is there a giveaway or contest?

Check our Twitter page for active contests and any upcoming giveaways

At the moment we have the following giveaways
1. 1 billion babydoge and 10 billion shibemp to random follower; refer to this twitter post for details; Contest 1
2. 100 billion babydoge to one lucky winner; refer to this twitter post for details; Contest 2